Residential Property, Projects & Developments

Insight Surveyors offers a full range of building surveys and services for residential developments, properties and projects. Whether you’re buying a new house, extending your home or you need more specialist reports, we can help. If you’re a homeowner, we know how stressful property matters can be. Let us reduce any worries with clear building advice. 

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RICS Home Survey – Level 1, 2 and 3 

We provide all three levels of RICS Home Survey to assess the condition and structure of a residential property. Think of these surveys as a property health check. Knowing what you are buying is the key to whether you decide to purchase. You could even save money by negotiating the sale price. If you’re selling a property, Home Surveys can make you aware of any issues to help prevent difficult negotiations or a sale falling through at the last minute.

Unsure which survey you should choose? Our team will be happy to advise you.

Specific Defect Report 

If you have been made aware of an issue with a current property, or one you’re thinking of buying, we can provide you with a Specific Defect Report. Usually, this is a situation where either you or a professional has identified a defect and you want this investigated. We can carry out this type of survey to check damp spots, sagging or uneven roofs, along with serious structural defects including cracked or bulging walls.

A Specific Defect Report will include recommendations for suitable remedial actions. Based on our observations, this report is a highly detailed, diagnostic survey and defect appraisal. These reports can be used for both residential and commercial properties and will provide you with important information so you can make informed decisions. If you need further information or you would like us to produce this report for you, talk to our team. 

Specialist Survey Report 

Sometimes a more Specialist Survey Report is needed, which is tailored to certain circumstances, or required as part of a formal legal or conveyancing process. Whether you are a private client, public organisation or a business, we can produce these reports for both residential and commercial properties. Our team will carry out a thorough internal and external inspection of the property, providing you with full clarity on its condition and state of repair. We offer a variety of Specialist Survey Reports as listed here.

  • Expert Witness Reports – for legal and litigation purposes. 
  • Schedules of Dilapidations – for leasehold properties. 
  • Schedules of Condition – for new and existing buildings. 
  • Specific Defect Inspections – for all types of property. 
  • Pre-Acquisition Survey Reports – for developers and investors. 
  • Rebuilding Costs Assessments – for insurance purposes. 
  • Planned Maintenance Surveys – checking the condition of property stock. 
  • Housing Disrepair Claims – for tenants seeking repairs from landlords. 

Property extensions, alterations and refurbishments

Thinking of extending, altering or improving your home? Insight Surveyors can provide you with a full-service design package including project management. We will carry out a feasibility assessment, giving you detailed advice to help you decide on your final design. Together we will look at what’s possible for your property. We can provide you with conception plans to help you decide on your project layout.

Acting as your agent and using our in-depth experience and network of contacts, we will help you obtain planning permission and compliance with all relevant building regulations. We will ensure you have Building Control approved documents. For your peace of mind, our team will liaise with your chosen builder to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.